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SM Gator Ventures was created to help YOU close the deal. We  will provide real estate investors with funds to put down an Earnest Money Deposit for real estate transactions.

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What we do


We specialize in providing private funding, specifically tailored for entry fees associated with wholesale and property flips, including double closings. Our team is capable of providing the necessary Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) capital for your contract assignments. If you require assistance in securing EMD funds for your contract assignments, we are well-equipped to support your needs.

Earnest Money

Fund your EMD.
Starting at $1000 and up.

Gap Funding

Fund your Fix & Flip!
Up to 25K.

Double Close

Double close your Wholesale and hide your Assignment Fee!

Proud member of Pace Morby’s Gator Tribe!

What is Gator Lending?
Gator Lending provides transactional funding services for the real estate industry, assisting in funding and locking in deals. These services are also known as flash funding, same-day funds, ABC funding, or one-day bridge loans.

Types of Transactional Funding?
Gator Lending offers various types of transactional funding to cater to different needs in the real estate industry. This includes funding for earnest money deposits (EMD) for new real estate investors, gap funding for seasoned investors, and double closing for creative transactions in states that do not allow wholesaling and require assignment fees to be hidden.

Solutions for Real Estate Investors!
Gator Lending provides solutions for a wide range of real estate transactions that require transactional funding. Whether you need funding for EMD, gap funding, or double closing, With Gator Lending, we can be your go-to partner for securing the funding you need to get your real estate deals under contract and complete the deal.


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